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Senator Havelock Vetinari has misused taxpayer money, culminating in a drink driving arrest last night.


Police Constable Colon confirmed City Watch “arrested a 57 year old man”, who was driving a government car “while drunk”.


Mr. Vetinari spent the night in a prison cell, and is out on bail until a court hearing next week.


Mr. Vetinari’s car was swerving dangerously across the road, which led to a booze bus pulling him over.




Q1) What was your main consideration in selecting your angle?

Given there is considerable harm able to be caused to the Vetinari family (as a result of the brothel visit, sick wife and young kids), the political side of the story was more appealing, which is newsworthy in itself.


Q2) What was the main legal implication in covering this story?

Defamation is always a key issue where high ranking figures are involved, so making outlandish and unconfirmed statements had to be monitored.


Q3) What was the main ethical consideration in covering this story?

As previously mentioned, the fact Vetinari has a sick wife, as well as children, means trepidation must be taken in the approach to the story, such is the importance of the family’s wellbeing


Q4) To take this story further, who would you contact and why?

Vetinari is definitely someone who could provide further clarification and new stories/claims. Also, any contacts within the police force would be able to shed some more light on Vetinari’s condition and history of illegal activity.

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