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Wall Lord Commander Jon Snow has been found dead via multiple stab wounds.


Authorities identified Snow’s body early this morning, sighting at least four stab wounds to the chest as the cause of death.


“At this stage there are no individual suspects,” Acting Commander Alliser Thorne said. “Signs do however indicate the Wildling community played a part.”


Close friend Olly said he was still coming to terms with Snow’s death.


“He was my mentor,” he said. “How could someone do this?”


As The Wall continues to come to terms with the tragedy, it’s said Snow’s body will be cremated.


“He never liked the cold,” distraught friend and Maister Samwell Tarley said. “He always warned of how winter was coming. At least he won’t have to face it when it hits.”


Despite the insistence of community-wide support for Snow, there’s conjecture such faith was fractured following rumours of a serious relationship between the late Lord Commander and a Wildling.

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