Lambie slams “lying” Liberals

Lambie slams “lying” Liberals

David Zita



Controversial Senator Jacqui Lambie has launched a scathing attack on The Coalition.


Lambie labelled Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey a “deceitful, lying pair of politicians.”


Speaking on the ABC’s 7:30 Report last night, Lambie was unrelenting in her criticism of The Coalition.


She insisted they had “lost their way,” and were “hitting welfare like there’s no tomorrow.”


Lambie extended her criticism to “the big banks”, demanding they are taxed more heavily, with accompanying legislation so it cannot be “passed down” to the consumer.


The often outspoken Senator, when questioned on the state of The Coalition, slammed their lack of “common sense”.


Lambie criticised “Young gun Joe (Hockey)” for his refusal to consider the advice of Clive Palmer.


“One’s a millionaire, one’s a billionaire, and that’s the end of that”, Lambie said.


Lambie said Hockey and The Coalition were “hitting the panic buttons” instead of considering the advice of other politicians.

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