Child Care Outrage

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NOTE: This is a fictional story written for the purposes of university assessment

Outrage has emerged following Community Welfare’s revelation childcare worker Debbie Smith suffers from schizophrenia.


Parents involved with the Smith Day Care Service gathered outside of owner Granny Smith’s home, holding a sign stating “SAVE OUR CHILDREN”.


“God knows what could’ve happened”, one protester said.


“They (sufferers of schizophrenia) can turn without warning”.


Outrage intensified following claims Debbie Smith applied for ownership of the centre, aiming to take over from her mother.


Director of Community Welfare, Ms Cathy Anderson, commented on such claims.


“I can confirm that we have received an application… no decision has been made”, she said.


Regarding the potential of having a sufferer of mental illness become head of the centre, Anderson was clear in stating, “Our priority is to ensure that any children in services we approve are safe.”


Quizzed on the stability of a schizophrenia sufferer, psychiatrist Dr Brian Phillips stressed, “Schizophrenia is a very complex and serious illness”.


However, in spite of such complexity Phillips noted, “people can recover,” with “between 25 and 40 percent of people who have a psychotic episode” recovering and never experiencing one again.


Mrs Granny Smith insisted Debbie takes medication for her condition, and “hasn’t had any problems in years”.


This notion was furthered by Dr Phillips who said, although “Schizophrenia can’t be cured,” it can be “treated by medication and community support”.




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