Land Closure Chaos Leads to CBD Mayhem


David Zita

The City Journal



CBD chaos emerged as roughly 5,000 protestors converged on Flinders Street yesterday in an effort to halt Aboriginal land closures initiated by the WA government.


Chants of “No pride in genocide” and “Always was, always will be Aboriginal land” echoed across the city from roughly 4pm to 7pm yesterday afternoon.


One of the protest leaders and director of Aboriginal rights organisation Treaty Republic, Robbie Thorpe, slammed the WA government, saying the planned closures were “one hundred times worse than apartheid.”


“Everyone here is living in the proceeds of crime,” he said.


“They (WA government) educated Nazis.”

While WA Premier Colin Barnett has said, “No person will be forced from their land”, those present at the protest found no solace in such statements.


A supporter of Red Flag, a socialist alternative publication, blames the Liberal government ethos for the protest. “I think Liberals are racist at their core”, he said.


One of the main concerns is the potential increase of criminal convictions.


Three precent of the WA population is Aboriginal, yet forty precent of its prison population is of the same culture.


Surrounding communities fear the outcome of Aboriginal communities having to vacate their land.


Barnett has thus far refused to meet Aboriginal community leaders to discuss the matter.


The City Journal reached out last week to Colin Barnett to comment on the issue, but has received no response.







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